Murphys Community Park

Free Concerts in the Park Series:  The featured bands for the final First Fridays series is:  September 6, Leilani and the Distractions. Here is more information on our concert series and events.

Donate a Picket: Have you seen the new playground fence boards? More pickets have been put up in the last week or two. Thanks to Jean Zurbuchen for helping to stain boards. Interested in helping support our wonderful Park?
Pickets may be ordered by sending a $100 check to Murphys Community Club, P. O. Box 394, Murphys 95247. A max of 24 characters is allowed per picket.


Pieces in the Park:  Visit the new community mosaic in the Park. Here is a great article by the Calaveras County Arts Council.

2019-06-15 14.38.09.jpg

Here are some pictures from our fun in the Murphys Community Park.