About MCC

The Murphys Community Club (MCC) is a non-profit volunteer organization created in 1948. The Preamble states, “We pledge ourselves to do everything in our power to improve the community of Murphys.” The MCC’s major responsibility is to operate and maintain Murphys Park. Murphys Park is a public county owned park, managed and maintained for the public by the Murphys Community Club through membership dues, donations, park rental fees and use fees for special events.

The MCC Board of Directors meets  on the first Tuesday of each month. Town Hall Meetings and Programs are scheduled as needed at the Native Daughters Hall on Main Street in Murphys. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Ongoing MCC activities and responsibilities

  • Constructed and maintain children’s playground at Murphys Community Park
  • Maintain the lawn, bridges, restrooms, walkways and gazebo located in Murphys Community Park
  • Organize annual Murphys Homecoming event
  • Coordinate use of park for community activities and fundraisers
  • Advocate for the community of Murphys with county administration.
  • Maintain the newly constructed bocce ball courts

The community of Murphys is growing rapidly and attracting more visitors. In order to maintain the unique ambiance of Murphys, we must continue to assume the responsibilities entrusted to us by the forefathers of the Murphys Community Club. Your contributions and membership dues fund all of the MCC’s activities. You can make a difference. Become a member today!


The current Board of Directors of The Murphys Community Club are:

Carol Roscelli: President
Diane Cady, Vice President
Suzanne Friedman, Past President Emeritus
Janet McAnnally: Treasurer
Doug Enns, Recording Secretary


Judy Bates
Jenny Baxter
Dan Bunce
Joanne Elliot
Steve Gonzales
Brian Goss
Harold “Bud” Lanning
Sean Markus
Bridget Myers

Murphys Community Club and Park 
P.O. Box 394
Murphys, CA  95247

You can contact MCC at MCC95247@gmail.com